Stars Light

Poem By Eman Awad

Every night i used to wake up to his voice
as the night is young and drown in the starslight.
Helpless i wake to his arms with no other choice
he used to smile at me with love&hold me tight.
I was so young, i think i was eleven
he used to wrap me in his white coat.
Then we fly up straight to heaven
that's when he tell his only story like i thought.
Some where behind the sun
there's a young boy just like me.
Whenever the day is gone
he is wide awake lost in his reverie.
About a girl like me, she may be
lost in a dream about him too.
Some day they will be toghether finally
and they will be one, like magic but true.
When i grew up the man nolonger came
i nolonger see that boy in his crystal ball.
Maybe growing older each day is to blame
but the boy's image got carved in my soul.
One day i walked on by
but for my wonder i wasn't able to breathe
I gasped as i cry and cry
I felt the night underneath.
For my wonder i saw stars
and the day became night
I saw someone i once knew
once within the starslight.
He looked at me and gently said;
a long long way i walked to reach you.
I remembered his face in the shade;
a long long time i waited you.
Then i recalled the old man once told me
after along time you shall wait,
the one destinated to be yours will arrive finally.

The one for me reached me after a fight
and all i had to do is to wait in the starslight.
But such along wait
with a dream and a hope in faite,
with some faith i held so tight
I finally held my love under the starslight..

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