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Stars, Oceans, Promises And Friendship

The stars race towards infinity,
Hot, roiling, spinning balls of fire full.
They streak ferociously through the heavens,
Then gently kiss the morning dew.

The oceans, vast and powerful, stretching
Wide in scope and so very, very deep.
As are the promises that we make,
Promises and vows we keep.

I see the sadness in your eyes,
Feel the terrible pain in your heart,
I want to help in some way,
But, don't know how or where to start.

And, I know you o' gentle, sweet one:
You of the uncaring ones and wasted years.
You of the failure and disappointment,
You of the fallen days and salted tears.

You of the courage and of the strength,
You of the compassion and tender mercy.
You of the intellect and of the faith,
You in your search for tranquility.

Yet, perhaps we are incongruent, after all?
Destined to intersect quickly,
Leaving but tiny moments in our wake?
That which must be, then shall be.

Or, is there a possibility of a friendship?
Where you look forward to the next sunrise
And realize that big things were actually small,
And, each new day, a new surprise?

True friendship can last a lifetime
While lovers come and go,
If given a chance, may we be friends?
If so disposed, please let me know.

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