Stars, Stars, Stars

They twinkle, twinkle since birth for years,
Or vanish in strange ways, I’ve fears;
In countless numbers in clear blue Sky,
Fixed in this firmament, down they pry!

They appear one by one as you try,
Staring with intent, gazing at Sky;
The more you look, their numbers doth swell,
Beaming white light while simmering still.

Some gorgeously large as Morning-Star!
One can’t say how far away they are;
Stars laminate the Sky around the Moon;
By the light of Dawn, they are gone!

Some are light-years away from the Earth!
When seen by telescope, there ain’t dearth;
Stars conglomerate to form Galaxies;
The Sun is just one of these starry seas!

A Star-full Sky in azure back-ground;
What a treat to the eyes from the world!
A starless Sky hath not much beauty;
And laments with rain all o’er the Earth.

Why didst the Creator put them above?
Mute witness to His great work, behove;
Perhaps, they’ve this duty till Doomsday,
And hurtle down to destroy the world!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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...............very nice.....I would love to see only the stars on a clear night....great poem...
i love this poem! it's realy good n i love stars!