Stars & Stripes (Red, White & Blue)

Stars were originally intended only for night,
To provide a path in place of sun light,
But our Founding Fathers saw in the stars,
Just how blessed a country we truly are.

Each star represents one of the United States,
Although most were born on different dates,
They’ve come together in a nation as one,
Forever shining brightly as the noonday sun.

Red stripes represent hardiness and valor,
While 13 Colonies grew stronger by the hour,
As white stripes signify purity and innocence,
Blue means perseverance, justice and vigilance.

Stars & Stripes, many nations have tried to defeat,
Even a surprise attack while our defenses were asleep,
Realizing too late that their best had to be better,
United means this country will stand together.

Every war and each attack, from Germany to Iraq,
It’s forward that we march, never turning back,
The Flag at Iwo Jima, U.S. Marines faithfully raised,
Are the same Stars and Stripes we salute with pride today.

Even 9/11 that forced Twin Towers to the ground,
With thousands of lives lost our spirit never went down,
In just a matter of a few days our country did rebound,
Like Superman leaping over buildings in a single bound.

There is a song that’s titled “Stars & Stripes Forever”,
Listen up Terrorists, think you can defeat us? Never!
The bond that built our nation will always stand true,
Forever in the wind waves the Red, White and Blue.

by Luke Easter

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Luke Wow I like this one, nice work