Started Out As Strangers

I was asked to write a poem for the end of the year band concert at our school in honor of two band students we lost earlier in the year to suicide.

Started out as strangers
with our instrument in hand
so many friendships made
perfecting the music on our stand
we're no longer strangers
but a tight knit group
all the different parts
fitting together perfectly
making the sweetest melody
bonds growing stronger
we all know each other now
more than we ever would
So now that we perform our music
As sweet and perfect as out love
Each section's own parts
Fitting together perfectly and strongly
Just like our bonds and friendships, tight with the love
And we thank this band family, for it's love and support
And bringing us together, we'll never tear apart

by Merl Austin

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Well put together, a lovely tribute. Thank you for sharing.