Starting Back

(A writers instructions.) Back from Hiatus.
Ready to defend; wane, whisk cup of tea.

Be prepared on that mnosters back
while each engines machinations
triple time needed to weigh things out,
scoots along floor on hind,
wiping hind as if.

Now! We must step up.
Raise hand and volunteer

See how that's done now?
--Got out of car,
actually pulled-off highway this time
and took a look; closer, way back
seemed slanted some.
Don't ask!

What instruction rendered, will be valued
to large degree, when Big Guy says 'go!'
and instructs instructions for achieving to flow.

God I hear a trumpet! Sax' phones would
call out names on list captured, named;
you lend landscape to the others.

Thanking for chore!
Sun on canvas; ripped-up.

When tacking to other than pendantry
try pendantry on.
Fits! Ah! As I thought.
Too many and too much.

by Joe Duvernay

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