Starts For Forever..

i never expected i will fall for you
it was like a dream in a lonely night
i never thought it will come true
for it was like a story of an old fantasy
you came and i was surprised
you have all the love
that i never knew it was all for me
you have given everything
the time we spend together
will be remembered for forever
every touch you have made in me
still on my skin
the kiss we shared was still on my lips
the hugs still comforts me
your words still playing in my ears
it was like a love song that never last for years
your sweetness took away my fears
i felt secure everytime you whisper you so much care
everytime i feel your arms wrapped on my body
i feel were living in a different world that was for only you and me
and when i looked at your eyes
i saw how much you loved me
your smile shows security
'everything will be alright, as long as you are with me'
and when we shared the love that night
i told myself to hold on tight
it was the beginning of everything
it made me feel more closer to you and realized i was worth loving
that was the most unforgettable experience
it awakes all my senses
and when i felt your body on top of me
the feeling was unusual, unexplanable
the caressed of your hand through my body
brought me in heaven
now, every part of you was known to me
that still im longing for...

by carla joy cuala

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the feeling of a want is expressed well in the poem...