Starve Rock

Starve Rock

Like a vulture spreading its wings,
Blocking out the sun,
Blinding the sky,

Like a rapacious beast,
Rearing up its head,
Slashing at the air,

From the quicksand waters,
from the mute, swamp land,
Starve Rock rises

Confronting the trees,
Gashing the land,
Mocking the heavens.

Pum, Pum, Pum,
Indian moccasins like a drum,
Climbing the rock.

To stand.
When there is no food in the land.
They plunge into the pool...

Never to return...
Never to want.

Pum, Pum, P...
The heart, too, is a beating drum.

by Mary Naylor

Comments (1)

You etch tragedy in spare, sharp lines. 'Never to return' echoes in the landscapes of the mind.Those who never asked for pity are still remembered with respect and admiration. Excellent write, Mary. Love, Sandra