VW (17-04-1969 / India)

State Of Affairs – Past And Present

Those four sights (Old Man, Diseased, corpse, hermit)
Brought contemplation
Man became 'Maharshi'
An attempt to escape from sufferings
Story of the past.

Thousands of sights
Brought confrontation
Realms at war
Violence vital, earned ordeals
Chronicle of the present.

Deliverance at ‘Middle Way’
Sacred Fig Tree, a silent witness
Birth of a founder of ascetic clique
‘Life and the Next’ - at core scribe
Love and passivity preached since past.

Concrete captivated ‘Eighth Fold Path’
Sacred Fig Tree, a noisy participant
Delusion delivers cloned clan
Attached to helm of affairs
Carnage carnivals décor streets at present.

A Black stone featured a remote shrine
Prodigious statue 'Karumadikuttan’s'
Rested at solitude
An epistemology at exhibit
A sculpture erected in the past.

A half remnant, a question of preservation
Solitude at stake, on reconstruction
Statues can be rebuilt can we rebuild dogma?
Things of past, gets resurrected
Cults hanker to exterminate in the present.

A note please:

This poem takes its shape on seeing the photograph of half remnant of Buddha’s statue named - Karumadikuttan - a black granite idol.
(For more details on this statue - search in net for 'Karumadikuttan')

'Karumadi' is a village in Kerala State and 'kuttan' means beloved person or son. In those days –Buddha’s statue was named as Karumadi’s beloved person. But it is strange to see its present condition.


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