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State-Side E-Mail
DT (May 1986 / )

State-Side E-Mail

This is a poem I e-mailed to my girlfriend when I was touring America during the summer of 2005. I was away for 10 weeks, the longest time we'd spent apart, and we were really starting to miss one another...

Hello my darling, I'm emailing to say
How much I'm missing you in the US of A.
Wherever I am, I constantly find
That it's the thought of you running through my mind.

Although I'm in a beautiful part of the world
I want to be in the arms of my beautiful girl.
I can't wait to come home to a hug and a kiss
And to all the other things I'm starting to miss.

But what do I miss the most? Where do I start?
When I was leaving your smile, it melted my heart.
Not seeing you again soon sent a shiver
Down my spine and my bottom lip started to quiver.

I was missing you before I stepped onto the plane,
But speaking to you regularly is easing the pain.
Unfortunately right now, I've got to get going
I'll phone again soon and we'll take the piss out my poem!

(July 2005)

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reminds me of when i was leaving my man to go work on a fishing boat for 7 weeks, the first and longest time we'd been apart and i couldn't even phone him: ( i totally get 'I was missing you before i stepped onto the plane, ...' i cried the whole 20 minute trip to the airport! good work dan