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Statement, I' Ve Lost
NT (5-6-1991 / none of your business)

Statement, I' Ve Lost

Poem By Nicky Turner

Scars pink and long beaten upon my body
Silent as the night they were inflicted they lay
Still as the dead heart within my skin, I cry out for the pain
Secretly I whisper to someone in the dark, try, try, just try to act sane

Bruises and cuts and all the things I must inflict lay dormant
Buts and excuses all, the things just peoples illusions
Brains and beauty wasted on losers
Broken and beaten, I’ve accepted, now I’m bleeding

Can’t people like me be accepted, treasured and loved not rejected?
Control, nothing but at a loss
Co-existence that great big cost
Count the fortunes you have lost

Parents crying out ‘my daughter cuts herself’
Please tell us to grow-up, how fast
Pressure that’s what I’ve got it lasts
Pain realises, a scar here and there what’s the toss

Sky blue and clear, try brown and hazy
Beauties the tool, try fucked up and crazy
Control your good point, try backchat, be lazy
Parents don’t understand, try pain it’s real easy

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Not bad, but the rhyming scheme is a little random. But apart from that its good.