Angels In Flight

As I sail through the Realm of Midnight . . .
Sanction provide my Heart with Salvation
and light . . .
Cause I'm being guided by:
"Angels in Flight"

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Great message in this poem. I could see this poem used in a safety campaign.
ADDED: Als je begrijpt wat ik English: “If you understand what I mean! ”....And IF Sir Heer Olivier B. Bommel is shouting like this, that means that there are things going on that are very stupid and very wrong, like your cartoon and poem are showing here. Perfect choice of cartoon, Laura and Perfect Poem you have created. In the end I add here: We may thank God that we have poets like you, dear Laurie. GBU. Amen
very true. excellent. congratulations.
This great poem gives us that brilliant perspective on how to deal with the usage of mobile phones while driving in a very light manner; humorous way. Very cleverly written and excellently crafted.10++ and on to my Poem List. Congratulations for a well deserved accolade.
A timely, meaningful, perceptive and fascinating write. Statistics show that accidents caused by using Mobile phones while driving increased tremendously. Some accidents were fatal that caused the user to end up in prison.
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