If everyone could cease
to see you at all
If everyone would suddenly refuse
the information of senses saying
“hey look who’s here”
If their ears would not prick up in the least
when your lips mouth your textbooks
and their eyes not radiate
at that chin and those clothes
the mouth not accept your taste!
you unperson
you unthing!
would you simply vanish?
and would my heart cease
skipping dozens of little beats
at the thought of
all of you
within me?

Would I cease my coughing
and my sputtering and blush
at the mere mention of your grace and name
if - just for you -
I could refuse
all the laws of physics
refuse the electric strain
cease all our thermodynamic longing
and walk straight through
your wall of skin
straight into a universe without you?
Would you then cease to merely play in my orbit?
Would you cease to be cool?
and just
for once
be naked?

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