Status Of Twins

The status of locomotives is supreme after twins,
Dancing and sprinting for the fun of loving and liking;
For he is on some journey, and she on a quest
To the beloved land of surprises and modifications.
It is a country too deep and virtuous, opening the gates
Of happiness to those most loved by them, and secretly adored.
Its greenery is outstanding in the extreme, formally a paradise
From the looks of prosperity, and the prosperity is huge,
As a man is huge, and a woman simpler.
This day we have twins in the countryside,
The night-time experiences peace and cosiness.

by Naveed Akram

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Hmm nice :) yes like a pair of eyes both left and right eyes make vision better and enjoyed beautiful world with agreeing same shape of object...Twin u mean could bring a pair and double happiness :) nice! ! ! -Unwritten SOul