I have my heart broken once… twice… many times….
But I never feel afraid to trust and fall in love all over again
But why I feel so afraid to fall in love with you?
Why do I feel uncertainty towards you…

Is it because I know that you love more the one before me?
That you build your dreams around her and promise eternity
When she breaks your heart you also lost yourself
And you’re still yearning to take her back
Coz' I can see that you’re still hurting inside

I know when you’re with me you miss her much
I know when you’re with me you wish I was her you’re holding tight
Am I making you more alone and lonely?
Or am I not enough for you to forget her completely

I know that love is risking all you’ve got
Like in a game you have to bet all your money on your cards
Wishing you can win and take it all
That’s why I choose to stay and never let you go…

Coz I know you’ve tried to open up yourself to love once more and found me
I have accepted and love you unconditionally
I was happy just knowing you and make me feel loved…
And make me loved you…

But I can never replaced her nor be her for you
I can’t take away from you all the memories and heartaches
I can never make you mine if a part of you still wanting her
I don’t know if my love is enough to erase all the pain
And heal your wounded heart to make you find your home again…

For now… I’ll just stay here beside you…
Hold on and love you…
Until the day you finally know
If you’re gonna stay or let me go…

by Darlyn Rose Villarosa

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