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Stay Alive

They say time flies when you're having fun
But what if all you want is to be done
Night turns into your favorite part of day
Because there's nothing you have to do or say

Alone with your thoughts
Sometimes you get so lost

Please don't hurt yourself anymore
Just take a walk over to my front door
You could let out your feelings just to me
The world would never have to see

The razor slices you open
You're bleeding just to see
Exactly what you're made of...
You don't need to pay that fee

Sitting all alone getting high
You say you felt like you were gonna die
Your eyes so big and skin so fair
I need to tell you how much I care

I'm at a lose of words to say
I can't say I've ever felt the same way
I know it's hard to think straight holding that knife
But please just don't end your life.

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