Stay Awhile

Please come and stay with me awhile.

We could talk about whatever.
I know we would have something to say.
Bringin' Along the memories I have of you
Laughter could fill the room.
While tears of joy roll down our faces.
From across the ocean, to the place you call home.
Let's have some time.
Time to learn so much about one another.

Please come and stay with me awhile.

Hand in hand walking through the park.
Discussing each other's hopes, plans, and dreams.
Near the days' end the sun goes down.
We watch it's beautiful sunset.
Stealin' a friendly kiss.

Thanks for coming across the ocean to stay with me awhile
The day was great, I enjoyed every moment; see you in my dreams.
Until we meet again my friend.

by Carly Stanley

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