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Stay Brave Young David Hicks

Stay brave young David Hicks and hold your head high you have no reason to feel loss of pride
The only case that can be brought against you is that you fought with the defeated side
No murder charges to be brought against you or any crimes against humanity
Some try to taint you as an unworthy person but with them I for one cannot agree.

Stay brave young David Hicks don't lose your courage Though the winners write the war history they say
Don't lose heart the whole World is not against you though from your Hometown you are far away,
To be tried in a military court I do find that suspicious can only say that we must wait and see
For in a fair trial you would not be found guilty and of your shackles you would be set free.

You are a braver person than Johnny Howard the Prime Minister of this great Southern Land
That he never once spoke in your defence I find that very hard to understand
He keeps his silence like the chastened schoolboy when the school yard bully is about
The coward keeps his silence whilst the brave at heart in the face of intimidation shout.

I am sure if the Australian Government interred an American citizen the Government of the U S of A
Would not keep silent on the matter they would protest in the strongest way
So stay brave young David Hicks and though your Country's Government you they disown
At least you were prepared for to have a go and great courage you have shown.

by Francis Duggan

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