Stay By My Side

When i wake up
When i sleep
When i smile
And when i weep
Darling, you stay by my side.
When i conquer
When i lose
When i am angry
And when i excite
You stay by me.
When i drive
When i fly
When i eat
And when i bath
You stay by me.
Lights of the cities
Lanterns of the towns
When do these eyes see upon
You stay by my side.
When i read
When i write
As i type
You stay by my side.
Hopeful life
Lively us
In the day
And during the nights
You stay by my side.
In my wrongs
Also my rights
When i am sick
When i am healthy
Darling stay by my side.
Today now and the days to come
Until i close my eyes,
Darling always stay by my side.

by Pritpal Singh

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A refined poetic imagination, Pritpal Singh. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.