Stay In Gencay And Bkaraer

Poem By Gencay

In a gazebo and a glass,
My flashlight is circular
Light patterns are both cheerful and sad

Why am I like this
Both cheerful and sad
I'm a blind field bird
I turned the flashlight on and off

When you hang a key
It swings until it stops.
The blind lark in me started to shake.
The summer heat in the gazebo became resentful

Growing up without mother and father
The sadness and joy gave an end from the brain above the ground
The breads are stale with their cities
To the ceremony and bubble of joy
Sorrows bowed

I am a crowd
I shined the flashlight at the trees
Leaves of the tree
He brought his flock to the pens
The field bird chirps in the morning

Of the events that crush my soul,
I took shelter in the gazebo inside of me
In the flashlight you don't notice during the day
You notice the details.
Light powder on the table
It twinkles at you like the stars.

Flashlight enchants me
Objects come alive at full speed
Like wanting to tell you something
I get crowded then

Sadness in my joy
Joy in sadness grows stronger like rays of light.
Want to recall my childhood
I hold the flashlight to the sky
I hiccup and swallow
Our joy
Its light is like a shaman dance
Every dust of light from the sky
It falls thin like snow

In my world of lights
Actually my joy... was a field bird blinded by an angry needle
No joy in the singing of the blind field bird
Your blind eyes have bloody pain.
The vibrations of the light in the flashlight
I hid myself like a field bird.

Every poem is a field bird.
There's being a field bird in the flashlight

I kept a tree to reproduce myself
Like a shaman to the sky
I turned the flashlight on and off
Surprise, darkness, calm came to me

Laborer's holiday..
Blood and sweat bloom, bloody flowers
I was in danger like field birds
I wanted to hide
From the hate and violence in the world
Neither blind the field bird to sing
Why blind the workers like a field bird

For freedom
Fly, birds fly
See bird's eye view below
There are squares, there are no workers who own their labor.
Fly, birds fly.
There is no world without labor.
Freedom to Birds and Laborers
Stay free

- - - - - - - - - -&
May 1,2020



Two armies fighting each other inside of you
You all from the middle of the war
You are breaking through this crowd
Neither a sword nor a spear concern
Neither death nor injury
You are walking

The battlefield is falling behind now
Death and pain, sadness and tears
Leaving behind, on the battlefield
This challenge is of the past and the future
A square where your mind fights
You are walking

Sun lights show you sometimes
The eyes of the stars are upon you
Dark night and bright day
You're always in a creek in two, but
Forward without stopping from there
You are walking

Hours, days, months and years pass
It takes from the cradle to the grave
You have physical and mental pains
You are aware of where you are going
Without the slightest doubt
You are walking

Sometimes it feels like the road won't end
There's only one thing in your mind
A conscientious, honorable and equal world
Step by step, with faith, without stopping
Without fear, with courage, without fear
You are walking

Then at the end of the narrow streets
You come out into a large square
Here the sun is sweet and immortal
Here everybody is equal, everybody is hopeful
Hearts beating together
You are walking

You will see banners as follows;

"The day our wrists unite
The day our hearts are one
The day our hopes are immortal
Our holiday will not be one day a year. "

"Our sweat is the honor of our existence..."

You are filled with happiness while reading
You start running excitedly
You become one heart with millions
You're stronger now like steel
You are asking the person next to you
What is this square?

This square is the square of the working class
This is the square of peace and justice
This square is of labor and love
This square is of brotherhood and unity
This square is the square of our holiday...
You get the answer.

This square is now ours, all of us
Step by step, faithfully, proudly
Step by step, with love, without fear
More just and better
With endless hope and heart
We will walk step by step, friends
To the free tomorrows that are ours...

May 1,2020
- - - - - - - - - - - -

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