Stay Quiet Until You'Re Gone

Yes, yes
Just lay here quietly my dear
Don’t make a sound and you won’t feel a thing
Do ignore all the questionable sounds you hear

Stay, stay
You won’t be here much longer
The more you panic the more you feel
Yes my dear, I am indeed stronger

Quiet, quiet
Don’t scream, no one will understand
The more you fear you will become less of a man
This is the way I reprimand

Gone, gone
It’s such a shame we had to end this way
The more pain you caused, triple you recieved
Too bad, too late, you ignored the warnings I gave

by Lauren

Comments (1)

I like the ominous tone to this. But, I feel it was a little too obscure, I can't glean what exactly is being portrayed and there's no real symbolism or description to add a picture, though it is true that every reader can take a different thing away from a given poem. Its sinister edge gave me a chill, though. All in all a fine effort for the emotion it brings forth.