A Conversation With You

You are the breath I take;
You are the brain I rake.
You live afresh in my beat;
Your presence is soul's treat.

You are the mote that;
Dances in the sunbeam,
You are the ray that;
Makes whole world gleam.

You are wave that crashes on rock;
You are force that turns the clock.
You are the sigma of the whole;
You are the derivative;
That shows the goal.

You the sky and the bird;
You are alone yet the herd.
You are the mirror
And the reflection;
You are the action and reaction.

You are the ink that flows in my pen;
You are the fear that lives in den.
You are the sun, the ray and the shine;
You are the real, unreal and divine.

Let me bow my head for once;
Me a heady soul.
You are the mirage I chase
You are my goal……..

by Nikunj Sharma

Comments (6)

Stay is a very beautiful poem
To stay around with the muse of love and life; before taking another decision. Nice work.
A poem worth reading and reflecting on our own lives.
In card game the selection of card one makes decides one's chance of victory! It is true also in life the poet says indirectly in this poem perhaps, I belive!
the journey is ending the head is signalling me all would soon be over see all this hair is falling as fast as my memory is fading they turn white totally white as sheets of my memory are though - soon it will be a total backout
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