Staying Alive

I'm a creature of simple habits
Unable to be extravagant
Come and join me
Having a general chit-chat! Checking
to see if I'm doing all right!

Together we'll survive this rotten rat race
call life! Though it has a detrimental effect on me
I must carry on! My duty is to persevere
Live to see a new dawn
Lets play together; not forgetting to laugh
cause I have lost my ability to smile
No longer able to shed a tear

Sleep don't clock in too easily
Lets discover what's really happening!
I have a need to recover and claim what
is really mine

Won't you come and accompany me?
Get wise to what is absolutely yours
Don't remain in the dark, behind close doors
Venture out into the open, have faith; be at peace with yourself
Your gift for staying alive.

Christina Simmons

by Christina Simmons

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