(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Gingerbread Man

Based on the story of the gingerbread man

Way back in the olden days
Lived an old woman, my nanna says
She baked biscuits, muffins and cakes
Yes that old woman loved to bake

She and her husband wished for a child
A son, beautiful, tender and mild
His name would be 'Ginger' they agreed
They would teach him to draw, write and read

So she baked a son of gingerbread
With gumdropp buttons and a ginger head
But when her son was just half-cooked
He jumped from the oven, blinked twice and looked

He ran outside, his eyes like saucers
And jumped onto one of his father's horses
He rode down to the river, blue and clear
Then a cunning fox said 'come over here'

The cunning fox gave him a ride
To the blue river's other side
He rod on the nose, near foxy's teeth
Foxy gobbled him up and swam underneath

Gingers mother was very upset
She caught old foxy in a big net
Then she realised, a biscuit for a son
Was not as good as a real live one

And although ginger's parents were very sad
They also were a little bit glad
'Coz the very next year they had a son
They named him Ginger, he was good fun

My nanna's stories are really quite silly
A gingerbread man cant go willy-nilly
How can gingerbread come to life?
Cooking just causes too much strife!

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