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Stealing Beauty
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Stealing Beauty

Poem By Kimberly Woodward

Their eyes that were once soft blue pools of love,
Esteem and trust
Could land softly and float freely above;
Now they’re
Grey sharp rocks of flint, hoping to slice;
probing for weakness and fear,
Come closer people please draw near;
I need you to come near and whisper in thy ear;
Loving butterfly don’t fear to tread and land;
And drink nector from their soft hands;
Her tongues that spoke only
Gentleness along the shores,
now is a raging turrents, cutting the banks
of every harbor,
Her presence left you feeling stable and anew;
Now feed nothing but the growing flood of despair;
Once a playful dance, now steps to crush,
Their pink heart now gray with dust.

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Comments (3)

Excellent poem, don't stop now, keep them poems a-rollin Kim! Always, Linda
beautiful poem you've written here Kimberley, keep them coming
its so sad..that beauty..is wrinkled by time..plus the dust :)