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Stealing Others' Lines

Steal others’ lines and then take the credit,
but if you can’t do it then why don’t you edit
what other have written to make it appear
that you are the writer whom people should hear?
They say that that happened in Babylon when
the scribes who weren’t priestly all took out a pen
and altered the laws of the Covenant Code
to make it appear that on them was bestowed
divine wisdom. It worked until––horror most beastly! ––
their laws were rewritten by men who were Priestly.
No punches were pulled and they fought in the fora
and then were redacted together as Torah.

Inspired by a poem by Andrew Konisberg, “The Importance of Being Impudent”

don't have to be grateful when someone gives you their last dime.
don't have to say 'thank you' when somebody makes the time that doesn't have the time.
you can go on daytime television and for no good reason insult presenters
you can go on chat forums and put the virtual world to rights.
others can say 'hello' and you can make out you didn't see them.
you can abuse Santa Claus in malls and serenade curators in museums.
you get to stick your tongue out at people in the street.
you get to steal other people's ideas and then take the credit.

by gershon hepner

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