Stealing The Night

Poem By Bryan Altendorf

Three Sirens fight over my darkness
Holding me bound to their needs
Set to a rhythmic beat in my chest
My heart pounds their quarrelsome fight
Pumping and thrusting, feelings through my veins
They strip my mind of dreams

The first muse is of pleasure
Breathing deeply with desire
I can’t shake her inner grasp
With tenderness and love
She caresses my soul from deep within
Compelling my mind to wonder without direction

The second muse is of lust
She refuses me peaceful sleep
Holding on, scratching deep unable to break free
With mouth dry, I try to lick my lips
Unyielding thoughts of intimacy
I can’t seem to break free

The third muse is confusion
Smelling her pheromones in the air
I try to listen to her wants
But my aching body screams out
Asking myself if I love her beyond understanding
Or if her immovable love questions everything

With memories flashing in the silence
They have tied my hands behind my back
My scream will not come out anymore
I blink my eyes trying to escape
With uncertainty from just moments ago
I see the sun rising…

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Beautiful words, a great poem. I take it that is your dreams? xx

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