I see the water steaming off the roofs
this morning, now the warming sun has risen.
The rain that pounded yesterday like hoofs
escapes like convicts who, released from prison,
must be transformed, remembered not as devils
as they rejoin society, elated
when their escape valve takes them to new levels,
and they, no longer steamed, are reinstated.


by gershon hepner

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Gersh, I love that you can do such varied themes, from epic biblical story-telling, to sensual numbers, and to light-hearted fun stuff like this. I've enjoyed this write, Gersh. And listen, I've had to print out 'Closing the Circle' - way to long for me to read off a screen. I've got a break coming up in a couple of weeks (Easter, as you can guess) . I'll sit down with your closing circle then. With warmth, Gina.