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Steel Strung
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Steel Strung

My Artist's date was fun today.
I chanced by a musical opportunity.
I took a leap to ask, when may I learn,
Then in excitement,
I floated in the space between notes.

Acoustic sounds will fly,
My fingers ready for the tremulous sigh.
I quiver at the thought,
With a glint in my eye,
Here in June.

There is no greater joy,
I have me by my side.
Me, my playful creativity,
Wanting to sing, dance and play the music of my soul.

The air vibrates joyfully with me,
I smile as I gently take sight of an acoustic guitar.
Not a sound, listen...

My song in the making has begun,
My journey is new.
Dancing lights sparkle upon my eye.
I share this silent tune,
What a joyful delight.

My determined spirit,
Positively engaged and resting in the space between the notes.
Like an actor in a play,
Waiting for my cue, and I become, my duet with you.

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