Love Is Around

You sat across
And talked mundane matters
While not noticing-
I was becoming restless.

I expected
To get few clues
How you valued our past-
In between what we talked.

Quite a lot of water
Seems to have been drained out
Since the high floods of our lives had
Washed us almost away
At very unusual times of our lives.

No promises were made then.
We didn't know the path forward.
Yet the hearts united-
Two minds thought alike.

Tracing and extrapolating,
Going back and forth,
Breathing in and out,
About a relationship so intimate
Gives beautiful earthly feelings.
Love is around.
It binds us together
Whether you speak about or not.
We exist.
We know each other.
We feel the love
In thought
In words
And in deep silences.

by Bishnupada Sethi

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this is an amazing and brilliant poem. could have been written yesterday.