Step By Step

Life can be a long, hard journey,
Sometimes the trail may be rough,
The climb from valley to mountaintop,
Requires character proven tough,

When you find yourself in a valley,
And not sure which way to go,
Look toward heaven and beyond the hills,
Know God Sees the valley below,

A valley where hearts make ready,
For the steep climb ahead,
Upward is the direction,
When by the Spirit led,

Step by step He'll pull you up,
As you focus on Him alone,
He'll bring you to a glorious plateau,
Your heart has never known,

Wherever the place you find yourself,
He promises to be there too,
No problem is too big for Him,
He will never abandon you.

by Louise Myers

Comments (2)

WOW! ! ! I've been reading some real great 'stuff' today and Louise, 'Step By Step' is terrific! That's all I can say! What a wonderful contribution! I can't help but 'ditto' Charles' comment. LSP
great faith is a great blessing keep up the good work a wonderful poem