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Step Father
(7TH OCTOBER 1951 / Trissur, Kerala State, India.)

Step Father


he was a clever one,
Marrying a woman
Of great beauty with achild,
Divorced or thrown out
By another man,
Grew him up and kept
The son away far away,
And when the mother died,
The step father giving
Step fatherly treatment,
Not giving enough money
To study and made him starve
While giving luxuriuos lives
To his own three siblings,
Forcing the stepson to teach
His step brothers and sister,
When their job is done
Threw the step son out,
While keeping many a keeps,
Teaching his siblings the same
But providence hepled
The step son with a great job
When the step father
Came close to him
To make him look after
In the oldage of the stepfather
Which was denied
And suffered a twenty years
All alone since his siblings
Also denied access to them.
Just like he did to his stepson
Throwing away after usage.

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