( / Withersfield Suffolk England)


You packed your bags annd trundelled, over the hills and far away;
Seeking adventures new, like children playing in fresh mown hay.
Climb up another mountain, follow another stream,
Create your fun and laughter until you find your dream.

Destiny has called you to a house so big, so grand;
With fields trees and gardens, all growing out of hand.
Open up the shutters, fill the fires with coal;
Watch them burn in merriment, this house has so much soul.

You bidded at the auction 'till all the rooms were filled;
Carpets beds and curtains, you could not have been more thrilled.
Everything fitted perfectly, not as strange as it would seem
For most of all the chattells, were returning from someone else's dream

Liza, Splinter and Mary Lou, the chickens that lay your eggs;
Take some corn to feed them or else they'll peck your legs.
A beautiful peacock called Rajah, runs loose around the yard.
Lassie gentle rounds him up; his work is not so very hard.

Days spent discovering landscapes, long hidden in the garden so big
Rosebeds, sunken lawns and terraces, be careful where you dig.
The field is full of buttercups, with borders edged with lace;
Trim back all the hawthorn, to give it a brand new face.

The kettle steaming gentle, upon the kitchen stove,
Fresh made tea and home made scones, support you as you strove;
To unveil each and every room, revealing all it's former glory,
Where we all spent such happy times for me to write this story

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