Like a radiant angel from heaven above,
She emanates goodness of God given love.
With celestial beauty, her gentle heart shines,
And her voice rings forth like golden chimes.
Her angelic face glows softly like radiant pearl,
Beaming eyes that awake the essence, of my soul.
Soft luscious lips, that curl in tempting tease,
Starlight hair that glistens, in the evening breeze.
Blushing cheeks, like scarlet pastel cream,
The most soft, warm loving girl, you ever seen.
Dazzling teeth of polished glossy pearl,
Genuine radiant smile, what a glorious girl
Artistic figure of harmonious graceful curves,
Designed especial by God, that is only hers.
She glides with elegant symmetrical grace,
Then captured my heart, with her smiling face.
The soft aura, of mysterious misty moonlight,
Unveils her hidden beauty, so crystal bright.
I'll entice the God's, wherever they be,
That her heart will be mine,
Sweet Stephanie.

Bobby 'Marbles' Mobley

by Bobby Marbles Mobley

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that is one of the most amazing things i have ever read, its so detailed and full of love and care it almost brought a tear to my eye Stephanie should be very lucky to have someone write so beautiful about her