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Stephen Hawking Frs
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Stephen Hawking Frs

Poem By John C Bird


Bardic man of noble reason,
Infinite in faculty,
In apprehension how like a god,
Yet in form, in moving,
How shackled and bereft.

Frail master of the universe,
You seek God’s fingerprints
Among the teeming galaxies,
The coincidences of nature
And the enigmas of science.

You inherited Newton’s mantle
And tread the path of Einstein.
Rules, equations and formulae
Are your currency, a theory
Of everything is your goal.

You scorn the fate that condemned
Your genius to entrapment in
A stricken shell, decreed your silence,
But could not prevent your voice
Resonating across continents.

You speak to the common man
Of time and space and particles,
The beginning of our universe,
And fear its demise by cosmic
Accident or our lack of care.

Bardic man of noble reason
The universe is your laboratory,
Your destiny lies in the heavens,
But your fate is earthbound;
Humanity is your touchstone.

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