Stepping Into Your Mind

One day my words will step into your mind, taking hold
of your heart when I am no longer here with you on earth.

Trying to choke back your tears, they will get stuck
like a lump in your throat and you will be unable to

All the sorrow that once was mine will become one with
yours, and your heart will break in two, knowing that
I will not be seen again.

Every teardrop that falls will show a rainbow once
belonging to my soul, it is the only gift I can leave

Wish with all my being that it could be more, but that
was all that was left to me the moment I died.

Now it is yours to cherish in memory's of your mind, may
it bring you peace, knowing that now I have happiness
and light from God, Himself.

As I fold my hands in a final prayer, I offer these
tiny teardrops to you, my dear.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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