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B (Nov.30 1991 / )


Poem By BlacknessRose ...

There are many different traits people share
Different types of people
Traits are like styles
Too many to count
The people we judge may be different on the inside
The popular one
Hiding behind lies that can’t be undone
The quiet girl in the background
Screaming her heart out but there’s no sound
The lucky one no one can compare
Having a heart full of despair
The perfect one with a perfect life
Cutting herself with a sharpened knife
The athletic one no one can beat
Depriving himself of nothing but meat
The intelligent one that knows it all
Hiding discomfort behind a wall
The dreamer with their head in the clouds
Showing no sadness in the crowds
The normal girl with a normal life
Showing no jealousy in front of an open door
Different people
Different traits
All the same
Just People

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