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Steve Earle's Revolution Starts Now Groove

i was gonna write a song
but the notions were gone
so i thought i'd nick a line
but every word seemed wrong
then i thought i'd take a walk
it was so so warm
as i stepped outside
hit the emotional storm
so i thought i'd find corner
where i could safely hide
when she told me it's my heart
but like the rest of them she lied
well i thought about some wine
maybe take a little tip
it was a cork top bottle
and i just couldn't commit
so i thought i'd write a novel
the amereican dream
the stories were all taken
nothin's easy as it seems
so i thought i'd admire virginia
then i saw her every flaw
she said kid it just ain't in ya
soul mirror that i saw
so i thought i'd ring a freind
get used to this new phone
then it stopped me like a wall
every one of us alone
so i'd thought i 'd fire some green
maybe take a little puff
if i had a mega-farm
still wouldn't be enough
to wash away the sorrow
or for foggin up the pain
if i could do it over
be exactly the same
i could go on forever
but you wouldn't follow through
if i lived your every moment
i could tell you what to do
no way to understand
all the things been done to you
yeah and you are just the same
don't know nothin bout me
just a number and a name
and a mystery

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