Stickle Bricks

Simon plays with hammers and bricks
part of his collection of Stickle Bricks
Building faces and statues from plastic parts
castles and towers with yellow ramparts

Simon is older he plays sports on the field
he smokes one or two cigarettes after every meal
on Fridays he goes out, heads into town
The Bull and The Swan, The Thistle and Crown

Simon's girlfriend is pretty face full of grace
but her family are ugly and a local disgrace
they flee somewhere lonely to escape the torment
and from this very venture they will never repent

Simon finds work selling dope on the streets
he finds living is hard with the new people he meets
now there is danger the world will turn black
addiction and illness with nocturnal attacks

Lying deeply unconcious with a kiss on his cheek
Simon feels the rhythm of his final heart beat
and then it is all over he floats from the scene
his soul drifting upwards from this horrible dream.

by Tom j. Parker

Comments (1)

What a sad way for this life to go. Nicely written Tom. Sincerely, Mary