Still 10 Years Of Faith

My son no longer walks but this is not the end,
cause we have a friend in Jesus and this we can depend. Mike you are so special and so close to my heart,
Im thankful to our lord your here and for our Brand new start. I've cried an awful lot Mike just like you say I do,
But their only tears of Joy son because I still have you. My son Mike that I remember just ran all around,
not once to even notice his pants were falling down. We didn't have new things son we always had the old,
But we had a full stomach and we were out of the cold. Your no longer a boy Mike your this wonderful man,
10 years in a wheel chair and you faith still with stands. Im not feeling well either your their when Im in pain,
I don't have to holler Mike I just call out your name. You wheel right there for me son and I listen as you pray,
and you stay rite there beside me till my pain just goes away. I loved you as my little boy and now my grown up man,
I can explain things better now because you understand. I love you as my grown up man yet miss that little son,
Who used to let his pants hang down if even just for fun.
.p.s. my son Mike is my pleasure.

by Eva Fernandez

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this poem is wonderful, heart felt, also shown the love of a wonderful mother, i loved it.good luck mike and mom.