(06/30/91 / Alabama)

Still Alive In Spite Of It All

Once I met a little boy
Who'd hang his head and cry
Once I met a widow's son
Who watched his father die
Once I met an impure soul
Whose blood was tainted black
And once I met a sinner's child
With scars across his back
They told me that the world is hell
And no one is to trust
They told me hope is dying
And that love is only lust
They said that I should end it all
Before my heart could break
They said that I was fragile
That a lie was all it could take
I didn't listen to them, though
Because I knew that they were wrong
And because I didn't heed their words
My life's been much too long
My heart's been broken many times
I'm as fragile as they said
But at least there's one thing I can say
They're the ones that are dead.

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