Still Blank With Words

Poem By Barlot ...

Staring at the molecules floating past my eyes
And finding the appropriate species to categorize them
Just as real as the tangible-
A projection of mortality.
Vision weak with ticking hands
Atomic accuracy, dropping sands
Just relativity on what 'is' can be.
What we see isn't always our perspective-
A program installed in the hard drive,
A live production on fate...
Waiting for it to end
For the opportunity to begin-
Or be stuck in the middle too late,
Too long, too much, to die for-
Blacking out my eyes for vision
To gain precision and accuracy in thought...
Something only bought on the black market
In the year of our Lord: pi 22.
Well, what can you do...
To pass the realm of endless vortex
Just vex me, my Love
Vex me to life
Leading to death
Or maybe a combination of neither.
Either way there is a pattern
Of mass, state, matter.
Should've listened long ago when she knew,
'You are science. Science is you.'

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