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Still Dreaming
OP (11-14-1988 / California)

Still Dreaming

my first faultering steps find their way to your eyes
yet looks have been known to decieve
i've been churning & turning & burning for you
i've been burning for inking this ink

eyes drawn tight, out of sight, yet i'm staring
with snapshots of velvet and silk
with ocean spheres lining your sockets and smiles
why open my eyes yet again

you crave not a scroll nor a droplet of ink
not a notice of you nor the past
Oh but i do for you turn the tides on my days
and my eyes have yet seen such a gaze
yet dismay pours out through your teeth
i've got proof its not you underground
your the scope end the stars and the seventh and yet stll
we just can't quite crack the code

well if Zeus were to hear he'd hear not but of you
and what he wakes for day after day
for i wake for exactly the same
its like my eyes have yet pried to the sound
of an angel's sing song in my ears
like my lids still locked tight i just might sleep for years

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