DM ( / British Columbia)

Still Hope

So I'm sitting at home just waiting around,
If the doorbell rings, I'll hear that sound.
Maybe he'll think a surprise would be nice,
Maybe he won't cause he needs advice.
The way that we've bonded once before,
Gives me hope that he'll walk through the door.
Maybe my waiting is pathetic and lame,
We obviously do not think at all the same.
I wonder why he does not think that way,
But in hopes that he'll change, I wait everyday.
Thinking how nice that surprise would be,
And knowing that it will not happen to me.
I wonder how he goes home at night,
And is able to think that everything's right.
Maybe there is better things on his mind,
Maybe I am just not his kind.
It doesn't make sense through all that we've had,
But I'm waiting at home just feeling bad.
I've prepared myself to expect the least,
Cause then I will not be displeased.
I should not have to spell it all out,
Cause it should come natural without a doubt.
I can't walk away, but then I feel dumb,
But I had high hopes that the day would come.

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