Still I Can Love You Dear

Poem By Lone Ghost

You were to me a love passenger teacher
You left me indeed readier for my next love skirmish
You helped me widen my sense of insinuation
And sharpened my expertise in romantic amalgamation.

After you 'broke' my heart
I stopped writing only poems about love.
It was you... who had me holding
this emotion as the best and dearest one out there.

After you 'broke' my heart...
all the hours spent together
didn't go down the drain.
What I thought was a calamity ended up
becoming my calm...

Before I would say... let me drown in your eyes
until I abandon myself in the eternity of your soul
now I would say... let me dive in your eyes
and find myself in the eternity of your soul.

'Unable' to love you anymore,
I didn't have a choice
but to share my longing to love with the rest of the world,
I opened my eyes and realized, without freedom I cannot love...

I freed myself a lilt bit more
and without your permission...
I love you again.

Even if you don't respond equally to me,
or even if you act as my cruelest enemy,
in freedom
still I can love you dear.

Comments about Still I Can Love You Dear

Piece of great elegance with beautiful rendition of words. Heart touching love poem. Absolutely pleasing write-up. Thanks for sharing.

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