The Wait

The clock ticks slowly today
Time just doesn't fly by
It measures every second
And is watched by every eye

It tarries more on each number
I am sure it's in deep slumber
It cannot be all true
When I just want it to move

It mocks my eager gaze
And every goading praise
But will never move an inch before
It's time to shut the cuckoo's door

So I learn some quick patience
Bridge and Poker too
But all I want is to see is it's moving face
And end this slow pretence at noon

by Catherine Habbie

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Reading this poem made me realize that you will never be liked nor loved by everyone you meet, surely some will hate because of jealousy and some will hate because they will be trying to just like you and are failing. I WISH YOU COULD JUST RISE AND WRITE MORE POEMS MAYA.
An inspiring motivation for our attitude towards life. Thank you from my heart.
A PRECIOUS POEM! We; ll never forget! !
what is the copyright for this poem? can I use it for my youtube?
reminds me of my eating habits, not a problem what happens to my food. burger falls off the grill and into the dirt? no problem, still i rise says the burger as i drop it on a toasted bun. watermelon slice covered in ants? not an issue, still i rise says the watermelon as i spit.the seeds over the fence into my neighbors pool.
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