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Still Ist Die Nacht
(13 December 1797 – 17 February 1856 / Dusseldorf)

Still Ist Die Nacht

The night is so still, the streets are at rest,
This is the house that my love graced,
This is the town she’s long since left,
But the house is here in the selfsame place.
A man’s there too, who stands and stares,
And wrings his hands, in violent pain:
When I see his look it makes me scared –
The moonlight shows my face again.
You doppel-gänger! You pallid creature!
Why do you act that torment through,
Love, torturing me on this very corner,
For so many nights, those years I knew.

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youth and age are doppel-gänger images of the same face, youth cast age lined, personality defines life meaning in later years, the house may be in the selfsame place but houses also change, with occupancy inhabitants differing, emotive ages, changing funiture features, renovation or neglect, houses house ghost memories