Still Lives On

This poem was made for her;
Who we all miss very much;
In Heaven she listens clear;
To each and every one of us.

She was the one who brought love;
From within her fragile heart;
Knowing we can’t get enough;
She shares it and breaks it apart.

To make sure we are unscathed;
And if we get hurt any;
She watches us to see if we’re safe;
And she would give up every penny.

We always felt so close;
As she moved her lips to speak;
And I can feel her nose;
As she kissed my cheek.

I loved seeing her;
At every chance I could grasp;
Just to be nearer;
With her hand I can clasp.

Her life though cut short;
Was the best that she ever lived;
And no one would retort;
That she had given all she could give.

We will never be abandoned;
Unremembered or gone;
Or even feel stranded;
Cause her love still lives on.

by Jessica Lopez

Comments (2)

'She Lives On' is going to my favorite List, it made me emotional to feel the same love you described to my memories of my Grandmother still alive but already in her trip to another world. Seems to be a love to and from a Mother, unconditionally. Thanks for sharing. Really deep!
That poem was so moving and heartfelt! Great work.