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Still Love You

Haven’t seen you for a while,
Have missed your cheeky little smile
Your voice so far, seems so very near
Have we lost what we held so dear?

I cross the road still hoping to see
You standing there waiting for me
A heart beat skipped, a breath still missed
Memories of all the times we kissed.

If only the clock had stuck right there
The sands of time had a little to spare
A bit of tolerance, a bit more trust
You’d still be here, with me to touch.

Things don’t always turn out the way
You dream to build a thing to stay
A tall oak tree from an acorn grow
But for that you first need to sow.

And forget not to water it well
With Tender love, and care as well
And at the end it’ll shelter you
From the rain, the wind and the tear drops too.

A place to run to, a place to hide
From all the sun, the wind, the tide.
I still have the acorn tucked away
Waiting for it to grow the way
The way it should have so long ago….

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