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Still Love?
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Still Love?

Poem By Candice Garden

When I first saw you looking at me,
I feared you wanted to take my heart and break it.
A 'heartbreaker' was labbelled upon your face.
You treated my sweetly, but I still turned you down,
the fear was still etched in my heart;
your label was still clear in my mind.
You kept trying, never letting up.
I put aside my fears, and focused on the positives.
You stayed persistant.
I admire your strength and ability to make me crave you, Love you.
You pulled me in,
made me love you, put me under your spell.
I didn't stop you.
Something changed, now you act like I don't exsist.
I feel small, a creature.. sketched in the back of your mind.
I feel mad, used, depressed, angry, yet Love..all at once.
Why did you make me love you?
Treat me like gold,
a princess,
your goddess,
then forget me.
It feels like a shot, a knife through my heart.
I should have paid more attention to that label etched on your face.
Now I feel all alone.
Still in your mind, heart, but stuck behind anthing you could fit in front of me.
Her? ? ?
Your at the top of my mind,
What else is there to do?
You forgot me.
The sunny beautiful day with birds chirpping sweet songs, is nothing but a sour,
dark shadow of a loss.
But no regret;
still love.
Why did you fool me?
Act as if you loved me,
make me Love you...
Then break me to pieces.
Yet I still love you.

(Oct 2002)

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Comments (2)

Hi, I can relate to your poem, as I imagine many would. Men! ! They appear to be all the same until you meet 'the' one...and I'm sure you will. Good luck with the new chapter of your life.
Wow, did I feel for you? Yes, would be the answer...in a big way. Ian